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Studio Journal 8.25.14 – Solid Ground

Well, it’s finally time to kick off the first official post to the Scarlett Hill Studio Journal, written by yours truly (Blake).  It was always a blast maintaining the road journal for Suz and my college band GNF, but I knew that I had to wait until there was something really worth writing about in the Scarlett Hill world before I could kick off a similar awkward side-blog where I ramble on about Lord knows what for a few paragraphs until I feel as though I’ve made some important artistic statement.

All intent and awkwardness aside, it’s a very exciting time for Scarlett Hill, so therefor it is legally required that I post this first entry.  We moved to Atlanta, GA from our previous home of Indiana a little over a year ago with the mission of finding a country music scene that we could call home and to record Scarlett Hill’s first full length album.  After several long months of strange and seemingly random coincidences, performances, late nights/early mornings, and email strings, we found ourselves sitting in the brand new studio of Troy and Rhonda Lashbrooks last Sunday afternoon laying down vocals for the very first song for a new record.

The Lashbrooks have an extremely interesting history that I may delve into more as time permits, but the spark-notes version of it is they are two extremely talented musicians and producers who have agreed to take us on as their first project for their new management agency, Sweet Corn and Cotton, based out of Cumming, GA.  The studio is about a 45 minute drive from our apartment away from the hustle and bustle of the city through winding pastures and by Lake Lanier – quite the cliche southern country imagery.  It ends with Troy and Rhonda’s nearly vertical driveway that really does a number on the otherwise peaceful drive, requiring you to floor it to climb the grade and then slam on the breaks to not go flying into the beautiful garden they have been so carefully tending.  I assume if I ruin the garden with our Subaru the deal is off, so this is one of the most important parts of the recording process.

A little over a week ago Troy and I spent the afternoon recording the acoustic guitar tracks for the first two songs we are working on, Solid Ground and Whiskey.  He made Diane sing like never before – for those of you just tuning in, Diane is my Gibson songwriter that is really starting to come into her prime.  Every day the wood resonates a little bit sweeter, and she’s going to sound fantastic on the record.

Suz and I drove up yesterday to start working on the vocals for Solid Ground, which is a mid-tempo Dixie Chicks-esq country tune that explores the conflicting and confusing advice we often receive from mentors and peers alike about wanting to be professional musicians – “dream big!…but don’t forget to get a day job and save money and find a nice spouse to settle down with and follow the small town formula etc.”  Rhonda worked with Suzanne to bring out an awesome connection between the performance and the lyrics, and I dare say that if every other song gets that kind of performance from Suz, we will have a damn good record on our hands.  We’ve always struggled with capturing vocal performances when in the studio, so it was a breath of fresh air when Suz stepped out of the vocal booth on her final take and everyone was clapping because of the energy she left on tape.  The song has some tricky harmonies, and it took me several tries to get them all in tune, but I was able to lock in on Suz’s pitch better than ever before and you can really hear them shimmer and shine in the recording.  Troy threatened early on that there he “wasn’t putting any of that %*$# autotune on our voices,” so we are extra proud that what ya’ll will be hearing is really us singing.

Next session, we tackle Whiskey.

Nominated as a finalist for the Nashville Universe Awards “Duo of the Year”!

Wow, Happy New Year to us!!! We just heard that we are one of 5 finalists for Duo of the Year in the annual Nashville Universe Awards! Head on over to to give us a vote, and if we get enough votes we’ll get to play the Live Awards show in Downtown Nashville!

Getting back into Songwriting Mode…

Suzanne and I are very excited to announced that we have begun writing music for our first full length album, which we hope to release Summer 2014.  That means we may not be playing out quite as much during December, but we’ll see y’all again come January.

October/November Dates Announced

We had a great run of shows in September, and are excited to already be putting together a busy schedule in October and November as well! Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Saturday Oct 12th, 45 South Cafe, Norcross GA, 7:30-9:30 pm
Monday Oct 14th, Steve’s Live Music Sandy Springs GA, Open Mic Featured Artist, 9:00 pm,
Wednesday Oct 16th, Steve’s Live Music, Songwriters in the Round

Saturday Nov 9th, Turners Corner Cafe 2012 Cleveland GA, 9-11 pm

Check out the show tab for more information/directions

“Long Gone” now on Spotify!

If you’re a Spotify user, then you’re all set to listen to “Long Gone” on either your computer or mobile device.  You can either search “Scarlett Hill” or CLICK HERE.

“Serious Songwriter Competition” Winner at Steve’s Live Music

Excited to announce that we won the “Serious Songwriter Competition” at Steve’s Live Music tonight!  The word for the night was gasoline, and Blake wrote a song for it called “Big Ol’ City” that was chosen by the judges as the best song!  You’ll probably be hearing more of “Big Ol’ City” in the future, so stay tuned.

New EP “Long Gone” Released!

Hey Country Music Fans, “Long Gone” is finally here! You can download it for free by visiting our music tab or checking out the player down below:

Official Music Video for “Flyin’ South” Released!

Scarlett Hill and Versa Studios Media are proud to announce the release of the official music video for “Flyin’ South,” from our upcoming EP “Long Gone.”  Check it out on our YouTube page by clicking here

CMA Music Festival Performance


New EP, Music Video Announced!

Hey Camp Scarlett Hill! We would like to officially announce that we are headed back into the studio in a few weeks to record a brand new EP! If you’ve seen us live over the last few months, chances are you’ve heard one of the new songs that will be on it, “Flyin’ South.” We are also excited to announce that we just finished filming a music video for “Flyin’ South” with our good friends at VSM, and hope to be releasing that before the end of May. Stay tuned for sneak peaks at the video and more information about the EP!